Ashley Barber of Simply Maven- Professional Organizer + Speaker Specializing in the Konmari Method

Ashley Barber of Simply Maven- Professional Organizer + Speaker Specializing in the Konmari Method
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I have known Ashley Barber for over 10 years from my days of working out at Define Body & Mind. Her smile and energy has always been contagious. 

Ashley founded Simply Maven to help busy families and professionals simplify their homes and lives for better health and happiness. Through 1-on-1 sessions, virtual coaching, and public speaking, she and co-owner Jane McCullough guide their clients to do just that. As the first certified KonMari Consultant in Houston, and currently studying public health at UT Houston, she combines 1200+ hrs of organizing with a decade of fitness instruction, a philosophy degree, and an eye for design to bring a unique touch to each project.

The KonMari Method™ was created by famous tidying consultant Marie Kondo, known for her best-selling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and other books , as well as her unique folding methods. The method promotes keeping items that "spark joy" while discarding what does not. The results are less stress in clients' lives and more time and energy to pursue their passions, spend time with loved ones, or engage in whatever creates a joy-filled life.

Ashley combines her organizing skills with her eye for design and a passion for physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.

Ashley loves teaching others the best ways to edit + organize their spaces to make room for more joy.

On the episode we talked about her career as a Marie Kondo consultant and being a Mom to her two adorable boys, Theo and Wes.


-Prioritizing your life and what you want in your home. 

-Taking ownership of your time and space. Simplifying.

-keeping the house in order with kids.getting kids interested in keeping order and simplicity. Make it fun. “Structure with wiggle room.”

-Creating a vision for your ideal lifestyle and go from there.

-Editing before organizing. Storage isn’t usually the issue. Most people have plenty of storage space for the things that are important.

-Being more intentional with the things you have. 

-The definition of balance isn’t one size fits all for every person

Connect with Ashley- 


IG- @simplymavenhtx