Confidence, Vulnerability + Going For It with Allie Danziger

Confidence, Vulnerability + Going For It with Allie Danziger
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Allie has been an entrepreneur since she was a child. She started Integrate Agency (formerly Integrate PR) when she was 24 years old and grew it for 8.5 years until it was acquired by an Austin based marketing agency in 2018. Two years later, Allie launched her second business, Ampersand, a career development program to accelerate careers to give young professionals a head start on their career path.  Allie's confidence, ability to share openly and to lead is what draws others to her. I hope you enjoy our conversation.  Check out Ampersand here- and Allie on IG- @alliedanziger + @ampersand_pro Products mentioned: Allie's Favorite- Cell Food Oxygenating Oxygen Gel- All natural, only 4 ingredients   Brooke's Favorite- Sunday Riley Good Genes and Living Libations Seabuckthorn Cleanser Moisturizer.