Dr. Jennifer Jansen on Understanding Our Ego's Role in Parenting

Dr. Jennifer Jansen on Understanding Our Ego's Role in Parenting
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Welcome to Season TWO!

Dr. Jennifer Jansen is a clinical psychologist primarily working with children. We had the opportunity to have a conversation around how our egos can come into play when we are parenting and how awareness is key. 

Dr. Jansen is passionate about working with individuals of all ages on cognitive, behavioral, and emotional factors to promote overall health. She has special interest in the relationship between sleep and anxiety and was recognized with an award from the Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine for her dissertation project on the role of sleep in anxiety intervention. She has also published several book chapters and scientific journal articles. Jennifer has worked across a variety of clinical settings including an academic medical center, residential and day-treatment program, and community clinics. She enjoys providing parent management training and cognitive-behavioral therapy in the treatment of behavior problems, anxiety, and depression with children, adolescents, and adults. Additionally, she provides psychological assessments of cognitive functioning, ADHD, and learning problems. Jennifer strives to create a collaborative, supportive experience, and she is committed to tailoring an effective intervention to you so that you leave therapy with improved knowledge and resiliency.

You can connect with Dr. Jansen at http://psychologyhoustonpc.com