Erin Morrison on Conscious Parenting + Connecting With Ourselves

Erin Morrison on Conscious Parenting + Connecting With Ourselves

Today's guest is Erin Morrison, also known as The Conscious Mom. 

Erin Morrison is a Conscious Parenting expert in helping parents connect to themselves, their children & their families. 

She’s known as The Conscious Mom and believes we are so much more than our titles, degrees and labels. Yet it is through this process she has evolved her practice in conscious parenting to where it is today.

With two Masters Degrees in Psychological Counseling, Erin’s training at Columbia University provides her with a deep understanding of mental health counseling and the therapeutic process.

From investment baking and advertising to her time at Google, focusing on people operations required a true understanding of the human experience. Erin realized while most had a need for guidance, most truly desired to be seen, heard and validated.

We discuss-

-What Conscious Parenting means and how it leads to greater connection to our children

-Coming to understand ourselves first so we can show up for our children in an authentic way

-We can be triggered by our children and sometimes not realize it’s about us

-Letting our children be themselves and safely explore who they are

-The narrative of “not-enoughness” and people pleasing

and much more!

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IG- @itstheconsciousmom