Nurse Practitioner + Injector Mindi Mattheus

Nurse Practitioner + Injector Mindi Mattheus
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Mindi Mattheus Nurse Practitioner + Aesthetic Injector Mindi is known for her artful work and conservative techniques that help patients achieve facial harmony while giving them a refreshed version of their natural beauty. Through education on skincare, preventative treatments and corrective treatments she has been able to create meaningful changes for patients seeking anti-aging. What I really appreciate as a patient of Mindi’s is her willingness to spend time with me to explain treatments and also her ability to create a natural look that simply rejuvenates your look. I never want to walk out of an injectors office not looking like myself. Mindi’s career as a nurse practitioner began in New York City where she honed her skills working and training under world-renowned plastic surgeons, Daniel Baker, MD and Steven Levine, MD, as well as master injector Nousha Salimi. We talked- -Choosing providers for injectables and other treatments -Differences in brands of neurotoxins like Botox and differences in fillers -Microneedling, different lasers and what they do, CoolsculptVs. Emsculpt, lifting and collagen stimulating PDO threads -Beauty standards and it’s affect on us. The Kardashian Effect -Mindi’s Skincare Regimen -Cleanse in the morning - gentle cleanser or salicylic acid cleanser -Skinceuticals: CE Ferulic or Floratin CF -Revision Tinted Sunscreen Moisturizer or Elta MD Sunscreen Moisturizer Retinoids in the evening Tretinoid twice a week 20x more potent than Retinol cheaper and more active Connect with Mindi- @skinwithmindi Book a consultation with Mindi- (713) 526-1126