Part 1: "The Episode Of No Approval Needed You Didn't Know You Needed" With Ally Firestone + Paige Baden

Part 1:
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So this episode is a bit off brand and brought to you by Ally Firestone + Paige Baden and dubbed “The Episode of No Approval Needed You Didn’t Know You Needed.” They had their chance to shoot their shot and they went for it + I may have over-served the wine. Topics covered in Part 1 + 2 of the riveting episode: *Old friendships and new friendships *90210 *Memes vs. quotes *Walking in on Victoria Beckham topless *me getting roasted + gaslit *Gary Janetti *Growing and changing…and not *My therapist says… *Mercury in retrograde *Celebrity crushes C A U T I O N: Not safe to listen to with children- some language may not be appropriate…and that’s after some heavy editing.