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So relatable!

Not only does Brooke have the most soothing voice, all of her topics are SO relatable! A must listen to!!

Creative and Courageous ❤️

Love the intro, your creativity, and courage to share!! Can’t wait to hear more and see you grow in this new medium.

Refreshingly Honest

What an easy and amazing listen. Such a natural conversation in each episode. Finally someone speaking the truth.

She’s a natural!!

Brooke’s new podcast is the real deal. Her insight, vulnerability and raw emotion is so relatable and admirable. She is so confident, and clearly makes her guests feel totally comfortable… it’s like I’m listening in on two friends having a great conversation. I highly recommend!

It’s okay to be vulnerable

I love the honest conversations that you’re afraid to say out loud because you don’t want to be only one to think that way. Turns out we are all more alike and have the same feelings. It’s nice to be able to talk to someone else about it and not being alone!

Such a great listen!

Loved how vulnerable to relatable Brooke is! Looking forward to hearing more from her and her guests!

Open honest and real

Loved this episode! While the host is new to the podcast game, you’d never know it. It was thoughtful and thought provoking all while getting some giggles in. Can’t wait for the next episode.