Sex Therapist Dr. Emily Jamea on "The Birds + The Bees" Talk

Sex Therapist Dr. Emily Jamea on

This one is definitely an adults only, very candid conversation on the Birds + The Bees with Emily Jamea, a Sex Therapist, Speaker, Author and Podcast Host. I hope this can take away the stigma of the tricky conversations we have with our children around Sex and Puberty. People often ask Emily how she got into the field of sex therapy. Emily grew up in a home where sex was not a taboo topic. Her father worked as an OBGYN and both of her parent were very progressive. Together, her parent taught her that her body and sexuality were nothing to be ashamed of. As she got older she became the one her friends came to for advice on sex and relationships. It became clear to her that people had a lot of anxiety and insecurities around these topics. That’s when her journey began. She studied Psychology and Human Sexuality while at The University of Texas. She then went on to receive her Masters and eventually earned her PhD in Sexology. Emily has spent over working with individuals and couples to overcome relationship and sexual hurdles in order to enjoy more meaningful lives. As much as Emily loves her work, her greatest joy is her family. She is happily married with two children. Emily’s expert opinion has been featured on NBC, CNN, CBS, USA Today, The Houston Chronicle, Men’s Fitness, Women’s Health, and more. She has given many guest lectures at Baylor College of Medicine, Rice University, MD Anderson, Methodist Hospital, and at various support groups and meetings in the Houston area.